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Digital Marketing City CY

A digital marketing agency offering website, social media, email marketing and other services, located in Nicosia, Cyprus.

About us

We are a digital marketing agency offering social media, email marketing and website design and development services to businesses and individuals who want to effectively market themselves in the digital world.

At Digital Marketing City CY, we focus on people. The people who are our clients and the people that our clients wish to attract or address through the implementation of the most appropriate digital marketing strategies and tactics.

Aiming at raising growth potential, our utmost priority is to deliver quality work that will enable our clients to capitalise on their strengths and release their entrepreneurial prospects.

With hands on experience in the fields of social media, email marketing and website design and development, we are in a position to identify, analyse and suggest the best possible solutions in relation to every case study before us.

Client satisfaction comes first. We are dedicated to assisting our clients attain their objectives. To this end, we have built a strong team of professionals who are experienced in their field. This allows us to offer quality work in regards to the full spectrum of our services. We apply the same zeal to every project and client and we strive for their success through targeting the right audience and giving them the presence they deserve.

Our broad range of relevant experience in different industries, spanning from service providers to product distributors, demonstrates our in-depth knowledge and strength in the fields of social media, email marketing and website design and development.

We continuously update our knowledge by attending diverse seminars on a regular basis in order to ensure that the most appropriate practices are implemented. We are tested on best practices and are capable of planning, organising, leading and controlling inbound social media strategies and email marketing plans with successful results.

How We Work

We believe in working together with our clients and we try to engage them in the process. We strongly believe that success comes through the integration and collaboration of all stakeholders.

We educate our clients and keep them up-to-date with the latest amendments and developments in the digital world.

We prefer quality over quantity and all of our suggestions and proposals derive from this philosophy.

To make sure that all stakeholders are on the same page, we have developed a process, which helps us to build customised strategies based on our clients’ needs.


Social Media

We offer a competitive package of social media services ranging from social media development to social media monitoring.

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We are experienced in page creation, content editing and proofreading services, as well as in website back office maintenance providing data processing services and updates.

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Email Marketing

We develop and manage professional email marketing campaigns and create and process various types of surveys, online forms and other promotional and informational online pages.

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Other Sevices

A number of additional services complement our digital marketing package: logo creation, brochures, CV building and cover letters compose this category.

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