Dr. med. Nicos Danos

Dr. Nicos Danos maintains a general diagnostic practice in Nicosia since 1984. Being a pioneer in abdomen and pelvis ultrasound, gastroscopy, sigmoidoscopy, cardiograms, stress tests and spirometry, he was the first to bring diagnostic equipment of the latest technology from my practice in Germany to Cyprus. As from 2019 Dr. Danos has been operating as a personal medical doctor for adults within the Cyprus General Health System (GHS). He also acts as a medical consultant to the GHS on a pro bono basis.


We started working with Dr. Nicos Danos in 2022. Our work was to design and develop a personal website for the doctor where all of his inheritance, knowledge and expertise would be demonstrated in a professional way. Since Dr. Danos is also a devotee of article writing, his website maintains a simple but unique way of demonstrating his work, both his scientific articles and his life passages.

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