D&W Multisolutions

D&W Multisolutions are a broad range supplier of professional laundry and kitchen equipment, serving the Marine, Hotel and Food industries for 15 years.


Our aim was to develop an eCommerce (eShop) website of professional equipment where navigation, loading the cart and checking out would be easier than ever. With no hassle, no fuss.

D&W Multisolutions is an inviting website that hoteliers, restaurant owners and other professionals who are related to the industry should definitely visit. That’s a real industrial hub.

Product categories are easy to find and product offers/deals are clearly visible due to the simple structured menu and the easy on the eye product demonstration.

The best part of the website, apart from the overall purchasing experience, is the simple designed check out form. The buyer adapts immediately with the check-out form and is able to finalise the purchase in less than a minute.

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